RED - High Grip

This additive is specially designed to provide lots of traction and is intended for use on low to medium grip surface conditions.

The RED additive is a must have in your bag when you go training or to an event, as this additve will be very good for most track conditions. Furthermore this additive can be even more effective in combination with the GREEN - Neutral Grip additive or the BLUE - Ultra High Grip additive, depending on the surface you have to run on. 

You can alter the grip level by changing the active time in which the additive is applied and active on the tires.

This additive is ideal for breaking in new tires.

Shake bottle before use!
Apply for typical 15 - 30 minutes.
Keep tire wet by re-applying during the desired period. Wipe off before starting your run.

Speed Secrets

General information:

Avoid direct skin or eye contact and do not inhale or swallow.
By unintended use, clean and rinse with plenty of water.